Our Story

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Who We Are 

We began in 1987. We are a family owned and operated Company. Our desire is to give the best services and provide the highest quality products on the market. 

Our founder, Dwayne Bowman began farming in 1975 in Ohio state. In the early 80’s, after studying biological farming and having the privilege to be taught by multiple world renowned agronomists, he began to apply the principles on his own farm and saw firsthand the results. In 1987, as he continued to farm, Dwayne started his business, consulting and providing products and services to local farmers. After selling his farm to his son, Dwayne moved to Washington, where his agronomy business continues to expand and is now known as SOILCRAFT INC. Dwayne also owns his own farm where we constantly trial new products before providing them to growers, and he continues to apply organic and biological farming methods. 

What We Do 

Crop Consulting: 

We provide agronomic advice to all types of farmers. Our approach is to combine our agronomy knowledge with the grower’s experience and together we can identify the root cause of issues and provide regenerative solutions. 

Crop Fertility Products: 

We provide a wide variety of crop fertility products including organic, biological, and conventional. Our product portfolio continues to expand as we constantly test new products that emerge on the market from more efficient and environmentally friendly technologies. We are not interested in providing mediocre products and strive to only bring the best, top quality products to our customers. 

Soil/sap sampling: 

Soil or tissue sap sampling is an important integral part to a successful farming operation. We make educated recommendations of what and how much crop inputs are needed in each situation. We strive to be accurate, both to save the grower money by reducing inefficient inputs, and to produce exceptional results by applying the right inputs at the right time. By using the correct tools to monitor, we can easily and accurately produce extraordinary results. 

Certified Crop Advisors

Our job is to make you and your crops successful. To do this, our top field Representatives are CCA certified. This means that they have met the standard set by the American Society of Agronomy which includes passing rigorous exams, continuing education, and subscribing to a code of ethics. This shows a commitment to knowledge of our industry, and that we have what it takes to do our job properly.

What We Believe

We believe that the world and everything in it was designed and made by the creator God. We believe that we are placed here as stewards to take care of the earth, as Scripture teaches. We believe everything in nature was created for a specific purpose. 

Based on this premise, we look at crop challenges differently. When it comes to pests, whether its insects, disease, or weeds, instead of just finding out how to kill them, first, we always ask “Why? Why are they here? What attracted them? What are they trying to teach us?” When we try to answer these questions, we are much more effective at identifying the root cause and finding a real solution, instead of just providing a ‘band-aid’ and covering up the issue. 

We believe many of the problems in agricul-ture are caused by a misunderstanding of how nature interacts. The more we strive to understand and work with it, the less problems we have and the better crops we can grow! 

Most of the time we find that many, if not all, of our problems are related to soil and plant fertility. Balanced minerals and microbiology are the key to determining a crops ability to handle environmental stress, resist pests, and to produce their genetic potential. 

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