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Come join us for two days of education and grower networking.
We have invited guest speakers to talk on several different subjects of plant and soil health.
We know you will benefit from both the education and getting to see the results from other growers who are using these practices.

Often times there is a gap in knowledge that we, as a farming community, have when it comes to plant and soil health. This can lead to difficulties in decisions and a potential loss in net profit at the end of the year. Our goal with the Plant & Soil Health Symposium is to take a look at the science behind what is going on in our fields. How diseases, insects, and weeds are indicative of plant and soil nutrient levels. How each of the mineral elements required by plants has its own set of deficiency signs and symptoms. Understanding this we can correctly make farm management decisions, and in turn make our farms more profitable.

Join us to discover the solutions to challenges facing our farms

WHY do insects attack one plant and not another?

WHY does disease infect one plant and not another?

WHY do weeds grow in one place and not another?

WHY are we becoming allergic to our food?

INSECTS: An excess or deficiency in plant and soil nutrient levels attract pest populations.

DISEASE: An excess or deficiency in plant and soil nutrient levels leave plants vulnerable to disease.

WEEDS: An excess or deficiency in soil nutrient levels increase weed pressure. Weeds are indicator plants which help us to identify imbalances in the soil.

At Soilcraft we look at crop challenges a bit differently. When it comes to pests, disease, or weeds we start by asking why? In so doing, we aim to find the root cause or patterns to achieve resilience and prosperity rather than applying band-aids in a symptom-based approach. Problems often come from a misunderstanding of natural systems which were created with intelligent design by the Creator.  


•Principles for biological agriculture 

•Mineral nutrition & plant disease 

•Soil biology

•Leaf extract analysis 

•Foliar nutrition


•Water structure/quality  


Dr. Arden Andersen Ph.D. D.O F.S

Dr Anderson is a respected teacher, consultant and physician, with work based in the field of sustainable agriculture. As a world-renowned influence in biological farming, Dr. Arden Anderson is well versed in the connectedness of soil and plant balance, as well as output superiority. He is the author of three well known publications specializing in spreading the awareness and necessity for the practice of healthy eating and wholesome farming practices, including: “Science in Agriculture”, “Real Medicine, Real Health” and “Anatomy of Life and Energy in Agriculture”.

Dr. Anderson aims to raise awareness in natural soil fertilization and the natural maintenance of agriculture worldwide, to ensure healthier futures of the human race. While he reiterates the importance of these key tools for health and agriculture, Dr. Anderson also pushes to maintain the management of soils, crops and animals in a productive, profitable and economically sustainable way.

“Real Medicine, Real Health” particularly addresses his contention and passion for the nourishment and sustained treatment of farming practices and lifestyle improvements. “Good nutrition comes back to agriculture and the way our foods are grown. Western farming systems have raped the soils, depleted the minerals, and compromised our food resources. Real medicine must start with the patient’s diet and ultimately the nutrition on the farm. ”

Arden is a leading advisor in natural health remedies and has had substantial input into the industry of sustainable farming and maintenance of ecological soil and crop management.


Dr. Michael McNeil

Dr. McNeill is President of Ag Advisory LTD, an Iowa company that has provided agronomic consulting services to farmers since 1983. He holds a PhD in Plant Breeding and Statistical Genetics from Iowa State University. His company advises on individual farm plans, organic and conventional, with an emphasis on healthy biological soil management. Michael McNeill has worked in the military as a plant pathologist and he also managed a Funk Seed research station for 12 years. Dr. McNeill has seen firsthand how GMOs and chemicals (especially glyphosate) have affected our land, animals and people. 


Vatché Keuftedjian

Vatche’ is a researcher and inventor. During his post graduate education in Quantum Physics, he and his team in Japan were focused to better understand the principals of nature in quantum theory. A few years later with his classmates in Germany they further studied the 2nd variable of oscillation power. Vatché, and his team in Germany, have developed a “software” to treat water. This software is “played/stored” on the carrier, the Pursanova Disk. These oscillations are emitted by Pursanova Disk, enter the liquid, travel downstream & change the behavior of the ingredients in the entire water & hydrocarbon.

Pursanova has also created water activation systems that can remove/reduce U238 and glyphosate from water. This technology is able to eliminate scaling & fouling, corrosion, algae & bacteria such as legionella, and reduces the use of chemicals in agriculture, thus reducing runoffs, improving plant health and bringing the beneficial bacteria to the land. Currently Vatché and his team are focused on researching and studying the use of frequency via ultrasound to create bioenergy for the benefit of mankind and our ecosystem by addressing the algae problems in lakes and ponds. Vatché Keuftedjian moved to Chicago from San Francisco few years ago and maintains his operations and laboratories in Germany, Japan and USA. 


David Knaus


David is a CCA, as well as the President and Founder of Apical Crop Science LLC, an ag tech company that combines laboratory analysis, smart data management, and sustainable growth products. He provides growers with the tools they need to produce high-yielding crops organically.


Denver Black 

Denver is a Biological Agronomist working with Soilcraft Inc in Zillah, Wa. He has a Bachelor’s in Human Health Sciences, is a Certified Crop Advisor and has over 20yrs experience farming and has 8 years working in Agronomy. Denver’s passion is “Producing nutrient dense food that heals people and the planet!” He works with irrigated and rain fed growers in row crops, tree fruit, and viticulture. He also does consulting for grazing management and livestock integration into cropping systems. He has studied and implemented Holistic Management for the last 5 years. Denver lives in Edwall, Wa with his wife Amber and 4 children. Denver has a strong conviction and passion to help developing countries develop with regenerative agriculture principles to prosper nutritionally and financially.

1/16 - Day 1 

8:00 Doors open/Registration‬ 

8:30-9:00 Introduction‬

‪9:00-10:00 Plant Nutrition/Disease Part 1 with Dr. Michael McNeil

‪10:00-10:15 Break

‪10:15-11:15 Plant Nutrition/Disease Part 2 with Dr Michael McNeil

11:15-12:00 Personova Water Technology with Vatche’ Keuftedjian

‪12:00-1:00 Lunch (Provided)‬

‪1:00-2:00 Principles for biological agriculture with Part 1 with Dr. Arden Anderson

‪2:00-2:15 Break

‪2:15-3:15 Principles for biological agriculture withPart 2 with Dr. Arden Anderson

‪3:15-3:30 Break

‪3:30-4:15 Leaf Extract Analysis with David Knaus

‪4:15-5:15 Panel Discussion. Any and all questions are welcome.

1/17 - Day 2 

‪8:30-8:45 Introduction/Welcome‬

‪8:45-9:45 Principles for  biological agriculture  with Part 1with Dr. Arden Anderson

‪9:45-10:00 Break‬

10:00-11:00 Plant Nutrition/Disease Part 1with Dr. Michael McNeil

11:00-12:00 Networking Time‬

‪12:00-1:00 Lunch (Provided)‬

‪1:00-2:00 Principles for biological agriculture with Part 2 with Dr. Arden Anderson

‪2:00-2:15 Break‬

‪2:15-3:15 Plant Nutrition/Disease Part 2 with Dr. Michael McNeil

‪3:15-3:30 Break‬

‪3:30-4:00 What now? with Denver Black

‪4:00-5:00 Panel Discussion. Any and all questions are welcome.‬ 



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