Our Offerings

We offer conventional and organic products to help growers be more profitable and regenerative. The products we use parallel our paradigms, and as such they are often different than the norm. Our products are all focused first on the healing and nourishment of soils, and second on the optimization of plant health and resilience!


Our Pursuit

We look for products that are effective and of the highest quality. We make it a point to ensure growers receive the best results that will result in the greatest ROI. This means we are actively seeking new solutions, or improvements on products that have been tested through time. We seldom seek a product, but instead we seek a principled solution to a known problem. When the product appears, we know it is worth investigating because it fits this criteria.


Our Vetting

After identifying a product that looks to be a new utility or improvement upon a tool we currently use, we begin testing this product on small acreage with our most trusted growers. We subject this product first to a battery of tests including, soil chemistry, soil bioassay, sap or cytosol extraction and at times petioles. We also test the new product against any that we currently have suited for the proposed solution to see if it is more effective, or as effective and more affordable.


We also consider relationships with current suppliers and we are very adamant about partnering with companies that have a shared vision as well as shared virtues such as integrity and transparency.


Our Criteria

High quality products are of paramount import as we believe that what goes in will certainly effect what comes out! We believe that the pursuit of excellence is far above the pursuit of monetary gain. In our pursuit of excellence we will prosper. If our growers prosper then so will we. We believe that cutting corners with products will result in compromised results. We are not interested in “good” results. We strive to always find what is possible, and for that we must use only the best tools! We cannot expect to give excellent advise and deliver with mediocre tools. A craftsman is only as good as the tools he employs.

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Trent Graybill: 509-853-6600 

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