Enhances plants natural ability to tolerate environmental stress

Shake well before use. • Designed to be applied by both soil and/or foliar application. • ACTIVOL® should be applied when tissue and soil analysis identifies the need and proper rate of application for this product. • Best results will be obtained when application is concentrated in the active root zone or on the leaf surface. • Can be applied in combination with compatible plant growth regulators, pesticides, or other liquid fertilizers. • If compatibility is in question, jar test a small quantity. • Apply foliar sprays with sufficient water to ensure uniform coverage without running off leaf surfaces. • Do not apply this product foliarly in concentrations greater than 1%. • For maximum results, apply in the early morning or in the evening when air temperatures are optimum for foliar application. • Do not apply HUMA GRO® nutrients during the hottest time of the day or to plants under drought or flood stress. • Application timing, intervals and rates may vary according to individual crop requirement, stage of development, available nutrient levels in the soil, and overall nutritional status of the crop. • Applications can be made as often as every 7 to 10 days as needed. • Consult your local HUMA GRO® Representative or other agricultural specialist for crop-specific recommendations. • Do not store this product below 50oF (10oC) or above 90oF (30oC).

This product is intended as a supplement to a complete fertilization program and will not, by itself, provide all the nutrients normally required by agricultural crops.

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